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What’s in a Name?

Yesterday, dawn began with Dawn.  Dawn is my hygienist and I had an early appointment with her at my dentist’s practice.  She gave me a good report and said she’d see me in September.  This did not surprise me, but … Continue reading

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Molar Musings

I just got back from a checkup at my dentist’s office. The hygienist said my teeth were looking good and needed minimal cleaning. My dentist checked her work and said everything was just dandy, so that was good. I told … Continue reading

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Deckwrecker Man

Years ago I wrote a column for Reader’s Digest recounting my experience as “Jackhammer Man!,” when I rented a jackhammer to dig out some concrete around our home in Roanoke, Virginia. As a little kid in my home town of … Continue reading

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Cover, Causes, Conundrums and Credits

I promised you that I would soon have my book cover available, and that is now the case. If you want to see what the book will look like, go to http://www.neverlandpublishing.com and click on the “Titles” spot, scroll down … Continue reading

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