Thomas O’Shea for President

Don’t like Donald Trump? Ted Cruz? Hillary? Bernie? Well, I can tell you someone you will like, and his name is Thomas O’Shea, and he’s the tough but tender, wise-cracking protagonist in my first two novels in the series, and you WILL like him.  But you can’t like him if you don’t read about him.  And I have good news.  My publisher, Neverland Publishing, has told me that the third in the series, The Face on the Other Side, will be published in December.  But why wait for #3 if you haven’t read the first two?  So, let me encourage you to pick up the first, Signs of Struggle.  I am confident you’ll enjoy it and then you will want to read the second, A Far Gone Night.  I believe you’ll enjoy it as well and then you’ll be ready for #3 when the weather grows colder.

The first two are available on Amazon.  If you live in the beautiful Upstate of South Carolina, you may find autographed copies in My Sister’s Store, As the Page Turns, Fiction Addiction, and The Cafe at Williams Hardware.

These novels will make outstanding summer reading choices for you and your friends. A pleasant and entertaining diversion from politics, violence, and heat waves.  Maybe even therapeutic.

Also, I have been informed by my Book Concierge that I haven’t been blogging much lately.  True, I’ve been working on Thomas O’Shea #4 and another novel, completely different.  What I’d like to do, besides send out puns and corny jokes from time to time, is send send out an occasional blog about the joys and frustrations of being a full time writer.  My hope is that those blogs will be interesting, along with other blogs on some unrelated topic.  Maybe snakes.

So, for now, go ahead and order the O’Shea books, stay inside by an A/C vent, put your feet up, and enjoy.

That’s it for now, but I promise there’ll be more later.

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