Black Beauty

Yesterday I was watering the garden. This is something my long-suffering wife usually does since she’s the one with the green thumb that leads to a bumper crop of fresh vegetables. But she wasn’t available and had asked me to do it because, as of two days ago, I’m off for the summer. So out I went, soft-soaking the raised beds she has put in place. Then something happened that surprised me – not the actual thing, but my reaction.

First, let me say that I hate snakes. I loathe snakes. I want to kill snakes whenever I see one. And I saw one. But this snake was different. First, it disappeared so fast I didn’t have time to be shocked or ready to kill. Second, it was a black snake and it was, well, I mean, um, beautiful. I did not recoil in fear or disgust. I just watched for the couple of seconds it took to leave the garden and head for the underbrush. This snake was so black and swift it was like a stream of ink poured out before me. And then gone. It was a pleasure to see. And I did not go “Zero at the bone” as Emily Dickinson wrote upon seeing a snake. Fact is, I enjoyed the experience. Sometimes I surprise myself.


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1 Response to Black Beauty

  1. restorel66 says:

    Glad you were able to enjoy that experience. Seems tailor made to fit your tolerance for snakes. I saw a black in the parking area of the job I was at yesterday by Cleveland Park. A mama mockingbird was giving it the business, even taking a couple of diving pecks at the snakes hind parts. The snake was doing its best to get out of the way, but it couldn’t get much grip on the asphalt. Finally, it found the grass and refuge in a bush.

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