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I Saw the Sign

Recently I had the oil changed in our Honda Accord. On the way home from the shop, I drove down one of the busiest, commercially-loaded streets in town. Traffic was moving slowly, so I had opportunity to glance at the … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades

We have a Fifty Shades of Yellow Tabby in our cottage. The Yellow Tabby is beaker, our male cat, who seems to have a few loose wires. His girlfriend is Lily, our pit bull/terrior mix puppy who is almost a … Continue reading

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Apples vs. Oranges vs. Nugat

I was at the supermarket today, comparing apples and oranges (Golden Delicious and Navel), and bought some of both for snacks. And then it hit me. What in the world was I doing buying fresh fruit for snacks? I know … Continue reading

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