Books, not Guns


In still another instance of shameless self-promotion, let me say that, since it’s Christmas, and that’s the time of the year that people purchase gifts for other people, would you consider picking up either of my novels, Signs of Struggle (debut) or A Far Gone Night (sequel) to give to your friends and family who love to read?

I’ve never been good at “asking,” which is why I would be a total failure in retail or any other kind of sales. I remember trying to sell All Occasion and Christmas Cards when I was a skinny pre-teen. The idea was to sell enough boxes of cards to exchange the receipts for a Daisy BB Gun. My approach was pitiful as I went door-to-door in my old, run-down neighborhood. With great trepidation I would ease up to front doors and knock timidly, hoping no one would answer so I could sprint away into the shadows. If someone did come to the door, I would ask, “You wouldn’t want to buy any Christmas or All Occasion greeting cards, would you?”

Turns out I was clairvoyant because, as a matter of fact, they didn’t. Somehow I just knew. I gave up early and often, easily discouraged by rejection. Thinking back, those turndowns were pretty good preparation for life as a writer, at least until my sails caught a little breeze with Signs of Struggle, and then a nice gust with A Far Gone Night.

But I went back, day after day for most of the summer until I had sold 1,549 boxes of cards which, in turn, became a gleaming Daisy BB Gun. Remarkably, the gun did not show up the day after I sent in my money. It took days, long summer days, with me, a grisly little urchin looking every day for the mailman to deliver the long box with my prize. Finally, it showed up, and off I ran to quell uprisings of Indians and nefarious activities of outlaws.

And I DID NOT shoot out my eye.

So that’s why I’m reluctant to ask people to buy my novels, even though those who have seemed to like them. And that’s why I hired Rowe Copeland, book concierge extraordinaire, to do that for me. Except this time.

Anyway, if you’re interested in this gift idea, just follow the simple instructions that tag along at the end of this blog. I think you’ll be pleased. See, I’m asking you . . .

(Rowe here)

Just call Jill at Fiction Addiction (864) 675-0540 by December 17th to order your book. Let her know which book you’d like and how you would like it inscribed and John (Dad) will come in and write whatever you’re heart desires, assuming it fits in the blank space. Jill guarantees in-time for Christmas shipping.

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