Carnage at the Carenen Cottage

And so it begins. The systematic renovation to the Carenen Cottage has launched with serious purpose. I took off the back deck, then the grader did his thing, footers were poured, cinderblock secured, temporary electrical hookup installed. This morning three men showed up to rip off the back of the cottage and prepare to do framing for the new. That meant we had to get everything out of the old laundry room and pantry this morning, something we thought would not be necessary for a couple of weeks.
But we are nothing if not flexible. I’m glad they’re going at it. The additional space will be luxurious, at least to us, and the flexibility in hospitality will be wonderful. So the hammering, the ripping, the tearing, and the demolishing is going on, perfect background for my writing.
Oh, and the workers have deposited an orange port-a-potty out front, by the blueberry bushes. We’re going to tell our friends that it’s the second bathroom we always wanted. Beats the woods. Stay tuned for a brief report on how our two cats and puppy (Lily the Wonder Dog) are adapting. This might get ugly.
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1 Response to Carnage at the Carenen Cottage

  1. John Eells says:

    The woods are better. That thing will be 175 degrees inside when the sun’s shining.

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