Bruised and Broken (deck)

I am proud to report that I have finished completely tearing down our 2,564 square foot back deck. At least it seemed to be about that size. It took me a week or so, maybe it was a month, I get mixed up. Anyway, it’s done, the deconstruction slowed by a couple of rainy days that just broke my heart and allowed me to recover flat on my back with a handful of Advil and a cold beer. But it’s gone now, a memory fading about as slowly as the multiple bruises I incurred in the process that was done solo.
I’m a very delicate guy, so I am used to having bruises show up and not know how I got them. Lisa will say, “Jeez, John, how did you get that awful bruise?” And I’ll have to say I have no idea. Most of the time. But the ones from the deck-clearing can all be traced to, well, the deck-clearing. Hard to say where they all came from, but the one on my left shoulder was a direct result of my experience with gravity when one of the railings I was leaning on decided to give way. Fortunately, a 2 x 8 anchored in concrete broke my fall.
It’s important to be able to say I took down the deck with my little hammer. Partly true. In addition to my little hammer, I used a  claw hammer, a pinch bar, a 4-lb. sledge hammer, a 10-lb. sledge, a five-foot crowbar, several vivid Anglo-Saxon expletives, and a banana (just kidding about the banana). I also used a hand towel to wipe down the wet stuff that accumulated on my skin while working in the 90-degree sun. Whatever that was. Slimy. Ick. Never felt that before. Creepy.
Now that the back is cleared of deck, the contractors will be showing up on the 1st. I believe I’ll enjoy watching them work. Might be worth writing about.
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2 Responses to Bruised and Broken (deck)

  1. Ann Ellison says:

    Glad you got it torn down with no major hurts.

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