More than just the page numbers

I was in the crowd when my friend, Will Shakespeare said, ‘Things done well and with care, exempt themselves from fear.’ We were friends back then, poaching deer after school; that is, when he wasn’t sneaking off to Anne Hathaway’s cottage to say hello to that early cougar. Anyway, what he said remained with me over the centuries as I began writing the sequel to my debut novel, Signs of Struggle. I hadn’t planned on a sequel, but a few people for whom I have great respect, and my publisher and her mother, wanted more of the adventures of Thomas O’Shea, my protagonist. And, by the way, why didn’t he hook up permanently with that delightful and spunky Olivia Olson?

I read that Steve Wright once said, “I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” I have mine, too, and not only do I have the numbers done, but I have words on all of them. Three hundred plus pages, and I wrote the last one on Monday. Now I am going to let it sit until after my high school reunion in early September. After that, I’ll go straight through and make it better, turn it over to my book concierge who will make it even better. Then, she will send it on to my publisher who will make it even better. Hoping to have it out by late November/early December. But it’s a long process and I’ll just have to wait and see and start writing something else. So stay tuned for more info on A Far Gone Night.

Anyway, good to have it finished. Some writers suffer from a condition very much alike to post-partum depression when they finish a book. I do not, but I was briefly borderline-morose. However, the Red Sox season buoyed my spirits. Not to mention the care and comfort provided by my long-suffering and supportive bride, Lisa. So, thank you for reading this blog, and know that I’ll keep you posted on publication dates. In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, go to Amazon or Neverland Publishing and pick up a copy of Signs of Struggle. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. kpkey says:

    to put it clearly: WOOT! 🙂

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