Some of you reading this doubt that there are demons. Had you been on a recent flight with me from Charlotte to Seattle, your minds would have been changed. I don’t know the filthy little brat’s name, but he emitted shrieks and shouts accompanied with outright temper tantrums and screams of “NO!” for about four and a half of the five and a half hour flight. His parents were incompetents, so everyone else on the flight suffered. He should be a prize when he’s fourteen.

Other than that, our cruise to Alaska turned out well. There’s a whole subculture of people who cruise their lives away; some of these folks had been on fifteen or twenty cruises. This was our first.

Alaska is breathtaking. The scenery, the people, the wildlife all made the trip a pleasure.

They love their wildlife in Alaska. Even in the little towns there are places where creatures could hang out. For instance, I saw a Moose Lodge in Ketchikan and an Eagles’ club of some kind in Skagway. We saw a black bear crossing a city street in Ketchikan, bald eagles all over the place (including one in a tree that we got within six feet of before it took flight), and eighteen hump-backed whales in one place – a rarity.

Speaking of whales, there were quite a few on the ship. One had red hair and an attitude. And I must say, I have never seen so many morbidly obese people in my life. With “dining anytime” privileges, I had a pretty good run at being a fat boy myself. I was on first name terms with the sausage chef, Guido; and the bacon chef, Arnauld.

My long-suffering wife, Lisa, ate fruit and salmon. That’s why women outlive men. More sense.

Even at night there were interesting amenities, such as first-run movies in our cabin. We watched “The Life of Pi” one night and I told Lisa when it was over that they’d never get me on an ocean-going vessel. She gave me a strange look. Women.

So now we’re back at the Carenen Cottage and a simpler life. My diet starts today, and I’m sure that somewhere, somehow, Guido and Arnauld are cheering me on.

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1 Response to Whale-watchin’

  1. leahyetter says:

    Jealous! My cameras and I are longing to visit Alaska. One day…
    Glad you two had a nice time. πŸ™‚

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