At least the shirt was clean…

People rarely ask me for advice, and I’m okay with that. As a result, however, sometimes I kindly offer advice, even though it has not been sought.

Here’s my advice to you: Don’t put an open tube of Super Glue in your mouth. You’re welcome. No charge.

Understand that this advice comes from someone who hit himself in the head with a baseball bat when just a mere boy, who walked into a stop sign and split his head open resulting in profuse bleeding for which I was unaware until the lady at the dry cleaners screamed, and who was struck on the head by lightning shortly after being married.

Head issues. I’ll admit it.

The reason I advise against placing an open tube of Super Glue in one’s mouth is born out of experience. A few days ago I was gluing a chair spindle into the place it was supposed to be. So I placed the Super Glue in the hole in the chair and some more on the spindle Then I replaced the spindle in the proper place, but that took two hands; one to hold the chair and one to push the spindle.

What to do with the Super Glue? I figured I could gently hold the tube in my mouth, and I could. Still, some oozed out onto the roof of my mouth, which I worked with for the nest few days, making funny faces for which people held me accountable.

My younger daughter asked me why I didn’t hold it with the opening outside my mouth, and I told her, “I didn’t want to get any on my shirt.”

At that, she began laughing much harder and longer than I thought necessary, without explanation.

Anyway, as the Animals warned in their hit single, “The House of the Rising Sun,” just be sure you ” . . . don’t do what I have done.”

You’re welcome.

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One Response to At least the shirt was clean…

  1. John Eells says:

    thair repair tathes ethra dethtarity, dontha know!

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