Friday Felicitations and Saturday Signings

One of the many blessings that have come to me as a professional writer is the genuine friends I have made. One in particular, a fellow novelist and superb critiquer (is that a word?), is Melinda Walker. Last Friday night in her beautiful home she hosted a launch party to celebrate the publication last week of my novel, Signs of Struggle.

The centerpiece on a table resplendent with home-baked goods, cheese, bundt cake (baked by my book concierge, Rowe Copeland), and other delectables was a replication of the book’s cover, which consists of a bottle of Three Philosophers Belgian ale, a wooden cross, and a handgun with bullets scattered about. I was delighted and surprised to see that, as were all the other guests who showed up. A stroke of genius, but no surprise (the handgun did not have a clip in it).

Several fellow writers from my two critique groups came by, as well as other friends, and the evening turned out to be a delight, thanks to Melinda’s efforts. (For a complete report, please check with the Greenville Police Department.) I look forward to hosting a launch party when her novel, Hidden Mountain, is inevitably published.

The next day I was able to secure my first book signing, which will be this coming Saturday, October 27th in Travelers Rest, a picturesque village just north of Greenville. My Sister’s Store emphasizes the arts and is a regional favorite for locals and tourists. I will be at My Sister’s Store from 9-4 where copies of Signs of Struggle may be purchased and then signed by me (in that order). The sisters, Pam and Phyllis, couldn’t be more pleasant and easy to work with.

Hope to see you Saturday!

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