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We’re gonna cheer until we hear the final gun

I love college football. Autumn colors, crisp air, joyful crowds, fervent tail-gating, peppy bands, and noble competition on the gridiron among mostly-amateur student-athletes. But the main reason I love college football is this: If there were no college football, there would be no … Continue reading

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Smoothing out the Struggle

Writing is hard, but proofreading is harder. That’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days, going through my novel, Signs of Struggle, and ferreting out every little mistake, smoothing out a few rough patches, and doing a tad … Continue reading

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In my very own hands

Forgive the quality of the picture, but my daughter was just so excited about the pre-proofed copy of Signs of Struggle she had to take a picture with her iPhone.  Girls and their emotions.  Schmeh.  Glad I don’t have any … Continue reading

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Mars Mock-Up and a Bloodied Babe

Now that it’s been established that the glorious Mars landing by “Curiosity” has been exposed as another NASA hoax (remember the ones about men walking on the moon?) perpetrated by some miniature robots photographed in Death Valley, we can all … Continue reading

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