Cover, Causes, Conundrums and Credits

I promised you that I would soon have my book cover available, and that is now the case. If you want to see what the book will look like, go to and click on the “Titles” spot, scroll down a little and look for me on the right. I also now have my editing “suggestions” to address, but the publisher had very few suggestions, so I should have it all back to them this week. I also promised to offer to you the first chapter soon, and that will be coming before much longer.

This post is a potpourri of ideas that jump into my warped brain. For example, surely you have watched news programs that cover fires and plane crashes and car wrecks. Often, they wonder out loud about the “cause” of any of these, and then dribble on and on about what might have been behind the problem. This makes me wonder why they can’t be candid and concise. Cause for plane crashes? Gravity. Cause for fires? Heat. Cause for automobile accidents? Physics.

When we lived in Macon, Georgia, the telephone book had this listing under government offices: “Gun permits/Marriage Licenses.” I am not making this up. Those departments were in the same office in the Bibb County Courthouse. This was brought to mind as I was looking for a bidness in the Greenville, South Carolina phone book where I noticed that “Demolition” and “Dentist” were on the same page. In more ways than one.

Finally, at the end of movies there is an unending trail of credits to people who were involved in making the movie. Sometimes I watch to get an idea of what it really takes to make a movie and why it’s so expensive. Lots of people have to be paid. Anyway, the role I would like to have someday would be the “gaffer.” I don’t know what a real gaffer does, and I don’t want to know. But I see the gaffer as an old fart with a stubby cigar in his teeth, a weathered derby propped back on his bald head, three-day whiskers, and a brown paper bag in a pudgy hand. I could do that.

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3 Responses to Cover, Causes, Conundrums and Credits

  1. John Eells says:

    Yes, you could be the gaffer, I’m pretty sure (no idea what he does either).

  2. Craig Current says:

    Hey, John. Fun to see the book cover and read the excerpts. Can’t wait to get a copy. Will I recognize any “thinly disguised” characters or locations? Congratulations on the whole deal. I’ve decided I don’t have the tenacity to write a book. Of course, skill is an issue too, but what the heck. I’ll stick with music where I have some talent to bring to the mix. By the way, I notice you have 72 people who like you. That’s gotta feel good. I keep getting friend requests from people I don’t know. Do you think there is a correlation between not knowing me and wanting to be my friend? I think a gaffer just sits around and continually says the wrong thing.

    Cheers, Craig

    • Craig, thanks for the kind remarks. Writing a novel, for me, is easier than something a lot shorter, like poetry. I always wanted to be musically-talented, but it’s not going to happen. Signs of Struggle should be out by late September, but I’ll have the details in another blog post. Hope you and yours are enjoying life and His good will.

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