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Mulching My Way Back To You

     My wife, beautiful and brainy, almost always makes wise decisions.  I say “almost” because her discernment escaped once briefly when I proposed marriage, she agreed, I instantly offered a diamond ring, and she slid it on her finger, sealing … Continue reading

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Peculiarly Potent Potpourri

This posting, dear readers, will be short, a veritable potpourri of bits and pieces that have lingered on my mind. Hope you enjoy. First, I will be killed in a parking lot, and not by muggers. You heard it here … Continue reading

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An Humble Hawthorne Homage

Recently, my friend and colleague, known as “profmondo” on his excellent blog that I heartily recommend, wrote about the passing of his 1st grade teacher, and what a profound influence she had on him. I encourage you to read that … Continue reading

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