Stand up! Sit Down! Drive, drive, drive!

I have not forgotten you, dear readers. I just spent the last week polishing the entire Signs of Struggle novel that will be coming out in the autumn. Over three hundred pages. Nothing major, really, but some minor, yet needed, touches. For example, I didn’t close quotes in a piece of dialogue. Sometimes I write so fast I just skim along, oblivious to the mechanics needed to prevent confusion and frustration in the reader. Further, there’s one scene when the Bulldog, Gotcha, sits down twice without standing up in betweeen. Hard to do.

Also, I made a minor change in the protagonist, Thomas. Instead of a sorrowing ex-Special Forces guy who stumbles onto a murder in rural Iowa, I’ve tweaked the character just a smidge (as we say here in the South). He is now a cross-dressing proprieter of a used mattress/second hand catheter store in Charleston, where no one will notice. He falls in love with a French-Tunisian dwarf female podiatrist on the run from the Mossad, but she stomps his heart flat.

Other than that, no changes.

In any case, my long-suffering wife and I are taking off in the morning for several days, headed back to the Midwest (mainly Iowa and Oklahoma) to see some of my old high school friends in Clinton, then on to Bixby to see family. We will do our best to avoid tornados, but if we see one, I’m gonna chase it. Warped, I tell ‘ya.

In the near future, I will be reporting on my travels to those worldly fleshpots in the heartland and, soon after that, I’ll post a few pages of Signs of Struggle so you can get a taste.

Thanks for reading curlylarryandme. Let me know what you think. You are appreciated. Truly.

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